Sleeping Beauty photo-series attempts to encourages healthy masculinity, and helps create awareness surrounding the things us Black men have been conditioned to think and feel. 

Since I've started this photo-series I've learned and shared wellness practices, and through this work cultivated new language and richer understandings of what it means to be masculine and creating safe spaces. I hope to inspire Black men to interrogate their privilege and the ways in which we show up for Black women, Queer, and Trans people. 

Below are links and videos of valuable information that has helped me on my path of unlearning + healing.

BOOKS TO READ & People to support


Yolo Akili Robinson is a writer, yoga teacher and the Executive Director and founder of BEAM.  

For over ten years, Yolo has been on the forefront of progressive wellness work. 

  • Yolo Akili Robinson

Join bell hooks and Kevin Powell in a discussion about black masculinity in popular culture today presented by Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts (https://www.newschool.edu/lang) at The New School (https://www.newschool.edu/).

Ryan Coogler sits down with Marshawn Lynch and J. Cole to have a discussion about their respective careers, activism, giving back, race, the college athletes, financial literacy and the NFL.

Black Masculinity (Re)Imagined Mental Health & Masculinity 101

What could the world look like if we centered healing and reimagined Black masculinity? This webinar explores how we show up for our children, families, communities, and selves in a way that honors who we are. Accompanying worksheets can be found here.