78 out of 100

Thank you Harris for trusting me in your home, our collaborative effort created a safe space to have a therapeutic conversation. I felt welcomed which is so funny because being invited to a strangers bedroom for the first time usually is nerve wrecking. I notice during these sessions there’s always a shift in the room when me and the person I’m photographing find each other in a way that feels seen, the usual guards are dropped. Thank you for referring someone else in the community so that I can continue sharing space and creating new stories.

Today is the beginning of my social media break, while I’m gone I encourage you to continue sharing my work with other groups having similar conversations. Don’t be shy to send me an email to hold me accountable for anything, share similar work with me, etc. there are resources on my website in my bio.

Thanks to everyone who copped a zine, and special thanks to @rickyday for being the only Black man in my life that checks up on me, I’m lucky to know you, a phone call goes a very long way.