29 out of 100

29 out of 100: Before every post I try to eliminate fear and self-doubt, the amount of pressure I put on myself when sharing what I believe is important for myself and other Black men can take a lot of energy from me. When I think about cultivating a lifestyle that affirms and resonates deeply, I become scared because these feelings are new for me. Currently I'm thankful I have some self love practices, and ways to recharge my energy(I encourage other Black men to explore what that means for you). I love love plants so much, the time spent watering and trimming all 30 or so #plants is just enough #therapeutic time for me to find the peace of mind my soul requires. While writing this I wondered if Black men believe it’s important to connect with and respect #Nature ? . . It's not often We see ourselves in this light(sleeping), we should use this moment to build and grow as Black men and human beings. We deserve rest so our bodies can do the work it needs to feel better. We deserve safe spaces that we now know is up to us to create on our own. 🛌 #blackmen#afropunk #safespace #oakland #wellness#35mm #onfilm