26 out of 100

26 out of 100: “Everything is emotional, except my rage.” This is the mindset of many men. Most of us have been conditioned to believe women are the only emotional beings on the planet, and some gay men are guilty of this too (example “she’s acting like a girl or being a diva.”) that’s the same type of sexist/misogynistic association just kinda giving a different frame. SPOILER ALERT!! Rage and anger is an emotion bro and what we’ve been taught is that we are ALWAYS rational and never emotional. I was taught that women are the embodiment of emotion and that’s dangerous. So if I’ve been taught to repress, control and silence emotion then how do you think I treat women? I don’t have any other way to interface with women, because I have no other way to perceive women. I don’t even perceive myself as emotional no matter how many holes I punch in the wall or chairs I throw.