19 out of 100

starting this post first by thanking @meehaunio for trusting me in his personal space. I’m taking this time to reflect on my past ignorance, back then I grew up very homophobic. It’s easy for kids to become conditioned when their roll models are also conditioned. On my journey of thinking for myself and working on my male privilege ( thanks to @amfmlife ) I’ve learned that homophobia+ transphobia can spark aggression, and with aggression comes violence. Ive learned to love everyone for who they are, and have become better at minding my damn business regarding who people love. 🌸The next step for me was realizing Black men are very beautiful, way more than anatomy. I fought this feeling for years and wondered why since I definitely saw myself as a beautiful black man, but still couldn’t see my reflection while looking at other black men(maybe internalized hatred?). Today I wonder if trans men also feel the pressures of proving what society defines as manhood (which we know is toxic and patriarchal) because it is easy to become consumed by privilege. I support lgbtq rights and if you identify as a black man, then you are who I need for this photo series.