18/100 I was so honored to be able to shoot an Oakland native and his son for this project, I sometimes wonder what part I play in gentrifying Oakland since I came from the Midwest years ago. I truly love and respect @rambino83 for sharing this intimate moment and vulnerability with me. On a more serious note, if I had a son I would tell him 1 in 5 women (and 1 in 59 men) in the United States is raped during her lifetime (2017 study). I would make my son count his friends in school and then explain to him that statistic show your friends might one day be assaulted by a stranger or partner. Boys need to be taught at an early age that toxic masculinity is weak and acting entitled to another persons body is even worse. As far as us men in our 20s and 30s go, that might be frustrated because we want to change and heal but don’t know how. My advice to you is to simply start with taking accountability of all the women you’ve hurt. Think emotional and mental abuse (obviously if you are hitting someone you need to chill), ask a professional or someone that knows the language for advice. Then repeat that step again, this is a job. #afropunk #blackmen#fragilemasculinity #vulnerability #oakland#moad